Biodiversity Assessment and Monitoring in the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve (BIOM) funded by UNESCO Spain 

The preparation of maps and the development of databases which inform the management team of the Jabal Moussa Biosphere Reserve (JM BR) on the available key species and habitats, and on how to track and monitor them, are effective tools for conservation.

Goal and objectives:
The main goal of the BIOM project is to highlight the importance and viability of protection in the JM BR area and to provide a well-documented scientific database of its natural assets. Accordingly, the objectives are:
·         To provide a comprehensive audit of key species and habitats, and make relevant information available in the form of database.
·         To initiate and encourage long-term habitats/species monitoring schemes and progress on actions in the JM BR site.

Actions include:
·      Assessment of biodiversity to prioritize key species and habitats
·         Identification of threats, constraints and hazards (including invasive species)
·         Recommendation for urgent actions of protection as well as for mitigation of negative impacts
·         Development of monitoring strategy
·         Proposing site-specific strategies as well as indicators for monitoring
·         Conduction of consultation workshop
·         Identification of further research priorities
·         Development of a well-documented Database of Natural Assets
·         Development of maps showing species along the trails
·         Development of visibility material to increase awareness about the JM BR species 

The results of this project will be integrated in an overall “10-Year Management Plan for JM BR”, which is currently being developed by the Association.