Food Products

Ask your guide/guard about "Jabal Moussa" Food Products.

"Jabal Moussa" Food Products:

- Hosrom (Grape juice) 
- Apple Vinegar
- Grape Vinegar 
- Tomato Paste  
- Thyme 
- Apricot and Peach Jam
- Fig Jam 
- Apple and Clove Jam
- Strawberry and Cherry Jam 
- Quince Jam
- Plum Jam
- Forest Honey (<1% Sucrose)
- Thistle Honey (<1% Sucrose)
- Dried Mint 
- Dried Rosemary 

- Herbal Infusion



Products available at:

APJM office- Jounieh
Reserve entrance - Mchati
"Dimitriades" GuestHouse - Ghbeleh
"Les Gourmandises du Bristol" - Achrafieh
"Awan Tea" - Port Beirut
"La Maison de l'Artisan" - Ain el Mraiseh
"Mouftah el Chark" - Zouk Mikael
"Moulin d'or" - Jounieh
"Gerardo" - Ajaltoun
"Edde Herbs " - Jbeil
"MEDCO" Gaz stations: Calmart Unesco- Medmart Dora- Medmart Adonis- Medmart Dbayeh)
"Silk Museum" - Bsous



For more information, kindly contact the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa: 09-643464 or write us on