Quarry Rehabilitation

Quarry Rehabilitation in the heart of Jabal Moussa funded by HSBC bank, Lebanon


Develop the first ecological rehabilitation plan for an abandoned limestone quarry in Lebanon, with the inclusion of an educational trail and an adventure path.
Project summary:
Within the heart of the conservation zone (core area) of the BR, an abandoned limestone quarry and an abandoned water pond have altered not only the landscape but also the biological and ecological functionalities of the site.

The project aims at designing and implementing a rehabilitation plan for the quarry that accounts for biological and ecological needs aligned with social and educational benefits.


The rehabilitation scheme shall cover the following:

- Conception and development of an educational trail and adventure path for recreational and educational purposes, focused on biodiversity values and conservation principles.

- Restoration of the water pond for wildlife and to be used for educational ends

- Ecological rehabilitation of the quarry with a special focus on restoring original ecological functionalities of the site

This project represents a pioneer initiative in Lebanon for quarry rehabilitation and its originality lies in the innovative approach followed integrating ecological, social and technical aspects. 

The restoration plan will serve as a pilot educational hub on ecological rehabilitation for quarries in Lebanon.

Project priorities and goals:

- Assure the rehabilitation of the quarry area to a condition that is safe, useful, environmental, and harmonious with the overall landscape.

- Adopt an innovative balanced approach to conserve the natural and aesthetic environment and promote environmental awareness and education.

The main goals are:

Conservation, integrated management and restoration of threatened ecosystems, landscapes and those of high conservation values

- Promote and use the rehabilitated site as an educational tool

Key Partners for implementation:

§  Great Escape SARL, represented by its manager Andre Bechara, is responsible for designing and implementing the educational trail and adventure path as well as conducting the trainings on guiding, team-building, technical trainings, and rescue. Great Escape is also in charge of the development of the educational material for the trails

§  Carla Khater (CNRS, L), ecological engineer, is in charge of coordinating the compilation of biodiversity and ecosystem functionalities and including them in the design of the ecological rehabilitation plan.