Safety Regulation

DOs and DON'Ts:

Maintaining nature's balance and a healthy forest requires responsible behavior from visitors and respect of the following guidelines. 

- Stay on the trail to prevent erosion and destruction of biodiversity habitats
- Stay near the guard/guide for security and guidance
- Keep nature clean avoiding pollution and introduction of harmful substances
- Keep relatively quiet as loud noise disturbs mammals and birds
- Respect instructions to help park rangers protect the environment
- Observe birds
- Enjoy the scenery 

- Hunting: b
irds and mammals are important to maintain the ecosystem's balance
- Flowers and plants picking:
they are vital to the forests' health and some species are rare and endangered
- Smoking or fire lighting:
fire can expand quickly and cause massive damage
Pets: they can transfer diseases and interfere with the balance of the ecosystem
- Camping: Prolonged human stay in the wilderness can affect animals' behaviors and well-being