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In parallel with its 10-year anniversary, the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa unveiled the latest of its hiking trails connecting all the reserve's trails together in a Full Loop.

The Full Mountain Loop itinerary links eight* hiking trails:

Baydar el-shawk (Qehmez reserve entrance)
El-byut stroll/Qornet el Mzaar trail
Hadrian's incline
Cerris Trail
Shepherds encounter
El-Jalseh trail
Adonis Gorge
Trail of the Violets
Peony trail
Baydar el-shawk (Qehmez reserve entrance)

* The reserve includes a number of off-loop trails which, when accounted for, increase the total number of hiking trails to 15.

Loop map

The total distance of the loop is around 19 kilometers, the height difference being 1350m x 2, and it can be completed in one day (for highly experienced hikers only) or two with the possibility of an overnight stay at one of our local Bed and Breakfast in the villages of Ghbeleh or Al iibre.


I Walked the Loop- بكّلناها” appreciation certificate will be given to the visitor that completes the full mountain loop, signed and stamped by the Association for the Protection of Jabal Moussa.

"The Full Mountain Loop Adventure" film

This short film features an overview of the hiking experience across the complete Jabal Moussa Mountain Loop.

They Walked the Loop

Armand Zouein
Joseph Henry Hosry
Samir Doumani
Antoine Medawar
Christian Hölzl
Qozhaya Chidiac
Youssef Abdallah
Rachad Sakr
Doudou Gabriel
Myriam Saad
Candy Abou Serhal
Talar Mandjian
Elie Kadoury
Nadira Masri
Joe Hage
Kahil Bejjani
Rudy Hachache
Tarek Zakanda
Nathalie Boutros
Pierre Boutros
Tahani Masri
Agnes Tingstrøm Klinken
Jihad Jilwan
Raji Karkafi
Cristiano Victor Hajjar
Sally Rached
Nabil Nassar
Kenny El Soueidy
Roy Nader
Margot Kobersy
Georgio Jreige
Youssef Jabbour
Dany Tannous
Tony Milan
Bernard Nicolas
Jean Paul Khalil
Waddah Malaeb
Wiaam Malaeb
Moufid Abou Harb
Chadi Bou Harb
Firas el Aridi
Ibrahim Azzam
Sarah Bassil
Vanessa Jabbour
Marie Noel Wazen
Celine Harik
Haig Melikian
Elias Kallas
Elias Boulos
Naim Frewat
Bilal Dbouk
Jack Avedikian
Diana Kawouk
Hayan Jaber
David Badawi
Carol Mirza
Elie Mirza
Luciana Arakelian
Fady Ghanem
Roland Moundalak
Jad Merhej
Dounia Raphael
Andreo Zghaib
Charbel Aoun
Tarek Azzi
Hassiba-Bella Ibrahim
Rita Ibrahim
Krystel Lteif
Rachelle Salameh
Hiba Chihane
Nadine Eido
Rene Flo
Eric Francis
Akram Dabian
Jad Zablit
Lama Sawma
Jean Cordahi
Joseph Doumet
Khalil Fattal
Elsy Nader
Salah Honein
Sami Beydoun
Rami Rachkidi
Nour Maalouf
Johnny Khoueiry
Mary Klayaani
Mark Aoun
Bechara Salameh
Michel Moufarrej
Pascal Abdallah
Avedis Kalpaklian
Silvio Chiha
Dory Renno
Gilbert Mokhaiber
Elie Khalil
Tania Ballane
Cesar Abi Khalil
Pierre Doumet
Tarek Sehnaoui
Youssef Rifai
Kim Asseily
Daniela Doumet

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