Lunch and Accommodation Feel like visiting Jabal Moussa?

Several local households around the reserve warmly welcome you in their houses and can host you for lunch or an overnight stay.

Traditional Lunch

Option 1 - Barbecue Lunch

Price: LBP 200,000 /Adult 

           LBP 100,000 /Child up to 9 y.o 

Salad: Fattouch or Tabbouleh

Mezza: Hummus - Labneh – Baladeh Cheese - Baked potatoes - Beid bi Sumac  - Loubieh bi zet or Rechta bi Aadas - Vegetables and Olives - Seasonal Fruits

Main Dish: Meat - Tawouk - Kafta

Drinks: Glass bottled soft drinks – Homemade Sirop - Local arak

Option 2 - Traditional Lunch

Price: LBP 170,000 /Adult 

          LBP 85,000 /Child up to 9 y.o 

Salad: Fattouch or Tabbouleh

Mezza: Hummus - Labneh - Baladeh Cheese - Baked potatoes - Beid bi Sumac - Loubieh bi zeyt or Rechta bi Aadas - Batenjen al Raheb - Vegetables and Olives - Seasonal Fruits

Main Dish: (one of the following options): Frikeh with chicken or Fasouliah bi lahmeh or Daoud bacha 

Drinks: Glass bottled soft drinks – Homemade Sirop - Local arak 

Option 3 - Vegetarian Lunch

Price: LBP 140,000 /Person

Hoda's Guesthouse (Mchati):

Fattouch - Potato wedges - Beid bi Sumac - Labneh - Mdardra - Eggplant & Zucchini - Vegetables and Olives - Seasonal Fruits - Glass bottled soft drinks - Homemade Sirop - Coffee

Rita's Guesthouse (Al Iibreh):

Seasonal salad or Tabbouleh - Thyme Omelette - Foul & Hummus mtabal - Loubieh mtabaleh - Lentils (Aadas b hamoud) or Kebbet la2tine (Pumpkin) - Seasonal Fruits - Glass bottled soft drinks - Homemade Sirop - Coffee

Option 4 - Quick Lunch

Price: LBP 120,000 /Person

Salad: Fattouch with Pomegranate molasses 

Mezza & Main dish: Rice with Chicken - Yogurt with Mint - Potato Wedges - Seasonal fruits

Drinks: Glass bottled Soft drinks - Homemade Sirop

Option 5 - Box Lunch

Price: LBP 60,000 /Person

-Only for schools and scout groups- 

Main dish: Chicken or Cheese and Ham or Labneh or Cheese sandwich + Seasonal Fruits 

Drinks: Juice or water


The Lunch guesthouses are available in the villages of Mchati, Qehmez and Al iibre

Overnight Hosting

Experience living in Jabal Moussa by getting hosted by a local family for one night or more in a village surrounding Jabal Moussa.

1 - Murielle Dimitriades Guesthouse – Ghbeleh village

The Dimitriades guesthouse is run by a charming Lebanese-French family and it is the perfect getaway for friends and relatives. A home away from home!

Services offered:
Breakfast, barbecue place on the terrace (optional)

14 persons

Ghbeleh village

Languages spoken:
French, English, Arabic, Spanish, Greek

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-out: 12:00 PM

Price: 260,000 LBP per night per person including breakfast

Optional Dinner: 75,000 LBP

2 - Rita Keyrouz Guesthouse- Al iibre village

If you are nature lovers and would like to spend few serene days, this guest house welcomes you for a sweet break from the hectic world. It is run by a charming Lebanese family from the village of Al iibre.

Services offered: 
Breakfast, lunch (optional), dinner (optional)

6 persons

Al iibre village

Check-in: 2:00 PM

Check-out: 12:00 PM

Languages spoken:
Arabic, French 

Price: 200,000 LBP per night per person including breakfast 

Optional Dinner: 50,000 LBP or 75,000 LBP

To book your lunch or your overnight stay, please call us in advance

09 643 464
71 944 405